Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement

1.       Definitions.  Any capitalized terms not defined in this SLA have the definitions given them in the Agreement between SOLOMO and Subscriber.

     a.  “Claim” means a claim submitted by Subscriber to SOLOMO pursuant to this Service Level Agreement that a Service Level has not been met and that a Service Credit may be due to Subscriber.

     b.  “Exclusions” refer to those exclusions to this Service Level Agreement that are not considering in measuring any Service Level compliance.

     c.  “Subscriber” refers to the organization that has signed an agreement (“Agreement”) under which it has purchased access to one or more Services from SOLOMO.

     d.  “Subscriber Support” means the services by which SOLOMO may provide assistance to Subscriber to resolve issues with the Services.  SOLOMO’s Support Policy may be accessed at

     e.  “Incident” means any set of circumstances resulting in a failure to meet a Service Level.

     f.  “Planned Maintenance” means the maintenance periods designated by SOLOMO from time to time for maintenance on the SOLOMO Application or SOLOMO Application Data Cube.

     g.  “SOLOMO Service” or “Services” refers to the SOLOMO Application and SOLOMO Application Data Cube, which may be provided to Subscriber pursuant to the Agreement.

     h.  “Service Credit” is the percentage of the service fees for the affected Service that is credited to Subscriber for a Claim validated by SOLOMO.  

     i.  “Service Level” means standards SOLOMO chooses to adhere to and by which it measures the level of service it provides for the SOLOMO Application as specifically set forth below.

     j.  “SOLOMO Application means the SOLOMO online software platform, which allows Subscriber to access certain Consumer End User Personally Identifiable Information, together with all modifications, updates, and enhancements thereto that may be made available to the Subscriber from time to time pursuant to this Agreement.

     k.  “SOLOMO Application Data Cube” means the additional copy for storage and download on Subscriber’s systems of the Consumer End User Personally Identifiable Information to which Subscriber has access pursuant to the Agreement provided by SOLOMO pursuant to an addendum to the Agreement.

     l.  “SOLOMO Application API” means the SOLOMO application programming interface provided by SOLOMO pursuant to an addendum to the Agreement, which allows Subscriber additional access to permitted Personally Identifiable Information via the SOLOMO Application or otherwise to develop or customize third party applications to work with the SOLOMO Application. 

     2.  Service Levels.

          a.  Definitions

               i.  “Maximum Connectivity Minutes” is the total accumulated minutes during a billing month for each of the SOLOMO Services. 

               ii.  “Connectivity Downtime” is the total accumulated minutes that are part of the Maximum Connectivity Minutes during which Subscriber is unable to connect to a particular SOLOMO Service that is not attributable to an Exclusion.

               iii.  “Monthly Connectivity Uptime Percentage” for a specific Subscriber is the total number of Maximum Connectivity Minutes less Connectivity Downtime divided by Maximum Connectivity Minutes for a billing month for the specific SOLOMO Service.  Monthly Connectivity Uptime Percentage is reflected by the following formula and will be calculated for each SOLOMO Service:

Monthly Connectivity Uptime % = (Maximum Connectivity Minutes - Connectivity Downtime) / (Maximum Connectivity Minutes)

          b.  Monthly Connectivity Uptime Service Levels for each SOLOMO Service: